Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Health Tips for taking care of legs and heels: Best skin tone and shining

As per our chief manicurist, Miss Tikky, it is always good to take a pedicure course at least once in a month.

This is because the heels being weight carrier, tends to get lots of applied pressure, which can cause heal skin cracking. This is not only a contributor of heel crack. It could be due to dehydrated condition which is called "dry skin".

A pedicure course under an experienced pedicurist like Miss Tikky, can help to remove all dead skins, open the skin pores (so that skin can get good oxygen and breathe in and out).

Further, Miss Tikky is very specific to apply proper mask on the heels so that the skin on the heels gets hydrated with vitamin essential supplements.

Showing before and after pedicure
Removes dirt and buffing nails
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